Italian style
customized to your needs
Tailoritaly is an ambitious and innovative personalization project born in 2016 from the inventiveness of a group of young entrepreneurs and subsequently developed with the collaboration of Miroglio Fashion. In just a few clicks, every woman can create a unique, tailor-made model, customized to her wishes.
An idea grown over time
a project ready for new challenges
These three years have allowed us to acquire a unique expertise on customization in all its phases, we have focused on the goal of offering an exclusive and engaging shopping experience. We have experimented and tested new technologies and new production flows, in order to be ready for the next step: to apply our idea on a large scale.
Growing, together
The experience of Tailoritaly as you have known it ceases to exist, but just to become part of a larger project. Tailoritaly's know-how will be combined with the knowledge and experience of Miroglio Fashion to develop customization projects for large brands of the family.
Via Francesco Burlamacchi, 4,
20135 Milano